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Solunar Calendar - Best Hunting Times and Feeding app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 6656 ratings )
Weather Lifestyle
Developer: Sergey Vdovenko
2.99 USD
Current version: 2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 10 Apr 2012
App size: 61.35 Mb

SALE 30% OFF! The app gives you the best hunting times for your location, so you can plan your hunting trips much better!
What people say: …This is a great app and I refer to it regularly during the hunting season. Its accurate! I experienced deer movement more during the times forecasted.

How does it work? Best hunting times are calculated based on the information about the Moon and the Sun for your specific location. Always know best hunting days and specific times with Hunting Aid application!

- Best Hunting Times for Your Specific Location
- Hunting Spots, Photos and Records
- Moon and Sun Data
- Hunting Calendar
- Weather Forecast
- Automatic Location on the Map
- Flashlight with blinking mode
- Works with no Internet connection

Best days for hunting are shown right on the calendar - the longer the bar, the better chance you have this day to get a trophy. Tap on the buttons on the top to show sunrise and sunset times, day length or moonrise and moonset. Double tap on a day will add a note in the calendar.

The best times for hunting during the day are shown next to an icon with three red shells. One shell icon shows just good times for hunting. Tap on the icons to see the times on a clock.

Animal activity index chart shows best time for hunting to increase hunting success during the day. The higher the value on the chart, the better chances you will have to get another trophy.

Store all your trophies and their pictures on the map. If you would like to mark your favorite spot, tap on "Map" and place a label. Add multiple pictures of your trophies, notes and weather condition to the selected label. Later you can share your trophy pics via email.

Select any date for checking Solunar and moon and sun data in advance.
- Length of day - on the calendar.
- Sunrise and sunset times.
- Moonrise and moonset times.
- Moon phases for each day - right on the calendar.

Solunar table is used to show best days and time to hunt - right on the calendar. This is a quick and easy way to know when to get some great trophies with high success rate!

Check the weather condition and store it along with the pictures of your trophy. To get more accurate weather forecast select a specific time using a slider.

Best hunting times are great for duck hunting and turkey hunting as well as for large animal hunt: deer hunting, whitetail hunting, elk hunting, bear hunting, hog hunting etc. All major types of hunting follows Solunar calendar very well.

Always have a powerful flashlight handy: adjust brightness, blinking interval or flash text using Morse code.

Build your own favorite location list. Add labels to the map and select your location - simply tap on the coordinates.

All features work anywhere even without internet connection. Enjoy this hunting app in all tough to reach places!

What people say: ...I literally use this calendar on a weekly basis as I grew up on hunting up in upstate New York! This app saves me a huge headache of having to google events and hunting seasons all the time. I simply go on and see which species is "hunt-able" during this time of the year and I get my gear and go hunting! Very simple to use UI making it easy to have some joy in life!

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If you like Hunting Aid, please write us a review on iTunes to keep free updates coming. Your support would greatly help us make the application even better!

Pros and cons of Solunar Calendar - Best Hunting Times and Feeding app for iPhone and iPad

Solunar Calendar - Best Hunting Times and Feeding app good for

Im pretty skeptical when it comes to predictions of deer movement but its not even a whole week into deer season and its pretty close to spot on timing.
Sitting in my stand the first time I can hunt for the year and Im thinking I need a hunting app that has lunar times and best movement times. So I find this one and I click on the best time to see movement not 5 minutes later 4 doe are coming right at me. One word speechless
Seems fairly accurate and easy to use. Ill provide more details after the fall seasons are over.
Love the app. Would like to see the wind direction added to the weather tab, however.
Very dependable. Good information on moon and sun as well as hunt prediction display. Easy to use. Please add wind direction to weather screen to make this app complete.
Been using the app since the start of deer season and I have been seeing deer when it say that are moving

Some bad moments

Ive had this app for years, Ive been out during the best times to hunt according to the app and see nothing. Ive set cameras and every picture I get of a deer is not within the times to hunt according to the app. I like the map feature, but the times to hunt are horrible
I live in Alabama and the times are nowhere close.. I mean nowhere close at all. Not worth the money! Only good thing about it is it got me in the woods sitting longer than I usually do...
Need a instruction manual for app to learn what the features are and how to use it.
I like the hunting solunar app. Id recommend it to anyone. $2.99 is worth it. It offers everything I was looking for. Ive had other similar apps like. This ones a good one.
It would be nice if this app had a tracker on it do that you can track your progress through the woods and give way points. Also if it had topo it would benefit those that would want to use it for scouting purposes. Also if it gave grid coordinates of spots you choose would help as well. But overall not s bad app and better than most. Hey its free so cant complain much really.
Great app! Does what it says. Tracks the moon phases and sunrise and sunset. Incorporates GPS overhead view of the properties you hunt and lets you drop trophies where you got em. Also has weather forecasts. What more do you want?

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