Solunar Calendar - Best Hunting Times and Feeding App Reviews

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Tolle Hilfe!


Times to hunt

Ive had this app for years, Ive been out during the best times to hunt according to the app and see nothing. Ive set cameras and every picture I get of a deer is not within the times to hunt according to the app. I like the map feature, but the times to hunt are horrible

Pretty good

I use it al the time

Great app

I really like this app!!

Its proven its self!

Im pretty skeptical when it comes to predictions of deer movement but its not even a whole week into deer season and its pretty close to spot on timing.


Sitting in my stand the first time I can hunt for the year and Im thinking I need a hunting app that has lunar times and best movement times. So I find this one and I click on the best time to see movement not 5 minutes later 4 doe are coming right at me. One word speechless

So far, so good.

Seems fairly accurate and easy to use. Ill provide more details after the fall seasons are over.

Very accurate!

Almost always see deer movement when it predicts movement.

Good app

Love the app. Would like to see the wind direction added to the weather tab, however.


Great detail and interface

Very good tool

Exceptional app well worth adding it to your arsenal

Good app

Like the hunt times, helps with planning a hunt

Finally, an Accurate , Reasonable App


Great app

Very dependable. Good information on moon and sun as well as hunt prediction display. Easy to use. Please add wind direction to weather screen to make this app complete.

Works really good.

Got me a doe on one of the times it said to be hunting!

Not a bad app at all

Been using the app since the start of deer season and I have been seeing deer when it say that are moving

The best

I have tried several apps but this one is the most accurate I have tried

Good to go!

I have enjoyed the variety of relevant information provided in this app.


I live in Alabama and the times are nowhere close.. I mean nowhere close at all. Not worth the money! Only good thing about it is it got me in the woods sitting longer than I usually do...

Big Deer

Awesome App, accurate and dependable wont go hunting without it!

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